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  • Summer Update

    The office at SRTMS will be open until June 30.  Please call ahead at 805-383-5355 if you need to come to the office for registration or other needs.  Summer hours vary, but the office will be staffed each day from 8 AM - 4 PM.

    The office reopens on August 5, 2021.  If you need to register during July, please go to the District office at 600 Temple Ave.

    The elementary and middle school bell schedules have been updated for 2020-2021.

    Important Dates:

    1) Middle School Boot Camp for Incoming 6th grade and New Middle School Students - August 18.  Information will be mailed home and posted to the website during the first week of August.

    2) TK/Kindergarten Orientation - August 19.  Information will be mailed home and posted to the website during the first week of August.



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  • Video Messages

    Mr. Borchard's summer video message discusses the closing and opening of the office during the summer months.  Eighth-grade students should watch the video.

    Our May SRTMS Video Newsletter is ready for viewing. This month we have a few middle school contributors. Next month, we will be accepting elementary school student submissions. Thanks to the staff and students that contributed. It's fun to see what your interests and hobbies are and feel more connected as an SRTMS family.

    Why choose SRTMS?  If you want to know, make sure to watch the recruitment video so you can make an informed choice.


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  • 2020-2021 Virtual School Tour

    Are you interested in becoming part of the Santa Rosa Technology School family?  We can't have a traditional on-campus tour this year.  However, please watch our virtual tour video to get to know all about our school.  

    Please see the "Become a Part of SRTMS" page under the About Santa Rosa information tab for specifics regarding enrollment.  Also, take a look at our school brochure to know more about our program.

    If you have questions please e-mail our school secretary, Marcia Mullins, at or call (805) 383-5355.

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  • What are Students Saying about SRTMS?

    Find out what makes SRTMS special in the students' own words by watching the linked video.

    Below are student testimonials about SRTMS and our motto Eagle Pride.

    • I have more than just one fond memory when I think about SRTMS, but I think some of my fondest ones were when we were doing plays in the lower grades. - V.D. 
    • Eagle Pride means to be the joy to others, make others smile, live by the golden rule, try your best, and be awesome! – T. S. 
    • My fondest memory was doing the fishbowl in Mrs. Hughes's class. She would give us a prompt and 10 minutes to do research on a topic and then we argued about it in a proper manner.  I was really good at it.  I enjoyed it immensely. - T.N. 
    • My favorite project/unit was the Beowulf and other mythological heroes unit. Making the diorama for Beowulf was fun, but my favorite part was the argument project about who was the best hero out of Odysseus, Beowulf, and Heracles. - P.T. 
    • Eagle Pride means to be kind and make someone smile every day. - T.S. 
    • My favorite classroom project was definitely in fourth grade, making the California Mission models in History. My partner and I had such a blast making them, and we were really proud of the final product. - C.R. 
    • One of my fondest memories at SRTMS was probably spending the day at the Ronald Reagan library. I thought it was fun to act like different people in the White House. I was in 5th grade at this time. - H.S.
    • Eagle Pride means reminds me of my great and awesome teachers. It also reminds me of school sports and the fun time I had playing flag football. - H.L. 
    • One of my fondest memories was getting to meet my little buddy Mason. - S.E. 
    • Eagle Pride means to be proud of being part of this school. I also think it means to have ownership in the school and to take responsibility for what happens in the school. - W.S.



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  • Pathway to the Future

    At SRTMS, we are always looking toward the future and improving things on a daily basis.  The Pathway to the Future Powerpoint shows where we hope to take the school in the next three years.  It covers a wide array of different aspects of the school, and we hope to accomplish as many goals as possible over the next three years.

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  • Principal's Message

     Please read the Principal's Messagethat provides Mr. Borchard's thoughts on the progress of SRTMS.

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