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  • Important SRTMS Information 

    We are almost in the middle of the first trimester.  The students are doing great.  Please read the Weekly Update for 10-2-23 to 10-6-23  for the latest information about SRTMS.

    Want to get a jump on being in the know about SRTMS for next year?  Please read the  2023-2024 Student Handbook for many pieces of important operational and behavioral information.

    The 2023-2024 Informational Brochure for SRTMS is ready for you.  I hope you find it informative.

    We have an exciting announcement for the 2023-2024 school year.  Please read below.

    Santa Rosa Technology Magnet School (SRTMS) strives to lead the District in new and innovative technology.  SRTMS piloted and established the 1:1 laptop program, well before it became a District-wide program.  We are excited to lead our students into an innovative new program.


    The SRTMS staff agreed to establish a computer science immersion (CSI) program for the entire student body as of the 2023-2024 school year.  We will be collaborating with CodeCampus as we launch the CSI program.  The staff worked together and explored different aspects of the CSI program to ensure it fits into existing technology programs established at SRTMS.


    The goal of the program is to teach computer programing, using programs like Scratch 3 and Minecraft Education, so all students can implement their new skills across all curricular areas. The CSI curriculum will produce students who can harness the power of technology to innovate and create applications that have the potential to change the world. 


    The program will begin in the fall of 2023.  With lessons at every grade level, all students can immediately utilize the CSI curriculum.  We are excited to see the impact of this program on the technology focus at SRTMS.



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  • Yearbook Order Information

    This year, we will be ordering yearbooks exclusively online.  The price of the yearbook is $49.35. Please follow the directions below to order your book today.  The deadline for ordering is May 3, 2024.

    1.  Go to

    2.  Search for your school

    3.  Create an account

    4.  Purchase your book

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  • 2023-2024 Proposed Bell Schedule (Awaiting PVSD Cabinet Approval)

    The bell schedules have changed for the 2023-2024 school year.  They had to be adjusted due to the new PVSD Common Dismissal.  They are listed below.

    2023-2024 Bell Schedule (Middle School is on the second tab)

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  • What are Students Saying about SRTMS?

    Find out what makes SRTMS special in the students' own words by watching the linked video.

    Below are student testimonials about SRTMS and our motto, Eagle Pride.

    • For me, "Eagle Pride" means always trying your hardest and persevering through difficult situations.- T.V.
    • My fondest memory is when I was in 3rd grade we had a Halloween party and we got to make slime and do lots of activities. It is also when I met one of my best friends from today. - G.H.
    • "Eagle Pride means to me that you should be respectful and kind to every person that crosses your path in life.- B.E.
    • "Eagle Pride" to me, means that you show school spirit and you follow our three rules, and be kind and respectful to everyone. - T.D.
    • My fondest memory about SRTMS is probably going to Sacramento in 4th grade. This trip was fun because we got to fly, go to the capital, and go to the city. -J.T.
    • "Eagle Pride" means being joyful and having a good spirit. J.M.
    • "Eagle Pride" means to me that SRTMS is the school that I love. - F.C.
    • The fondest memory I have about SRTMS is the 2021-2022 football season. This is my favorite memory because we were all friends and we were all good. We went 6-1 that year. I liked traveling to different schools and beating them almost every time. We almost won the championship also, we were on the 1-yard line on 4th down. - C.S.
    • I think that "Eagle Pride" means making our school, SRTMS, proud and taking pride in everything that we do and accomplish at this school. - O.M.
    • My fondest memory about SRTMS is when we had the Halloween dance because I was singing, laughing, and dancing with my friends. I was having so much fun with my friends, classmates and the teachers dancing there too. The food was great, the decorations were awesome, and the fortune teller was amazing! Also, the trunk-or-treat was so cool and scary. All the cars looked so unique with their decorations and games. The candies they gave out were so good, and I almost filled my bag full of lots of good candies. -T.R.
    • For me, "Eagle Pride" means to be an eagle..., to stand like an eagle. An eagle represents honesty, strength, courage, majesty, wisdom, power, and freedom. The meaning of the eagle shows that you should stand like an eagle, and think/make decisions with the character traits in mind. The eagle also flies high and has incredible eyesight, which can show you to have an open mind, like the sky;free. I feel like the aspect of being in the sky also shows me to be brave and take risks, with the knowledge of knowing what to do if it doesn't work out. I feel like "Pride" means to stand tall and be proud of yourself and everything about you. School spirit is also represented, along with the three school rules, "be safe, be respectful, and be prepared." These three rules tell me to think before I act, and just always have a plan b-z if things don't work out. It also tells me to make smart decisions so I won't regret them because regret is one of the worst feelings to feel. That is what Eagle Pride means to me. :) S.U
    • When I think about my time here at SRTMS, there are so many amazing memories that come to me It's difficult to choose. Sorting through the many class parties and field trips, the laughter and little tidbits of jokingly working in class. The ASB dances and most of the Fun-Run or Booster-Thon events. The friendships that have started, ended, and grown help shape who we've all become as people. We lost a full year at this school and for a while, all those happy memories started to fade into the background. But, SRTMS itself brought it back to life for me, and I'm glad for all the time I've spent here. If I really had to think about one memory that stands out though, it would probably be the Ronald Reagan Library Field trip in 5th grade. We were able to play the roles of the time period. I was one of the few who was on the Oval Office team! It was one of the most interesting experiences of my life. We actually made all the choices the president and his team made at the time of his presidency. I couldn't really explain the joy that the field trip brought me. After all, "That's classified information." Thanks for everything SRTMS, these last 9 years here have been better than I could have even imagined. - V.D.



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  • Principal's Message

    For the beginning of the year, please read the September Principal's Letter.  It provides reflections on the past month and information regarding upcoming events.   

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