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Welcome & Classroom Information



    The students are expected to copy their assignments in the Las Colinas Student Handbook for each subject on a daily basis. Changes made in class are not always reflected on the homework website.

    Be sure to click on the Homework tab on this page to see what homework is due this week!


    Please be sure to bring your Literature books (Literature book, Close Reader, composition book), History workbook, charged up chrome book, agenda, folder and outside reading book to class each day.  Thank you for being prepared for class! 



    Welcome to 3rd quarter, beginning January 27th, 2020!  The year is flying by.....



    Announcement to all parents of the 5th period Drama class for January 24th, 2020.

    Last week (1/17/20) your student was given an invitation for the performance that will take place this Friday, January 24th, at 12:45 in room A-6.  If they did not show you the invitation, please remind them to give you the invitation.  We hope to see you on Friday!


    Please return the field trip permission form for the "Egypt's Lost Cities" exhibit at the Reagan Library that will take place on March 12th, 2020.  We will be traveling to the Library by bus, and each student will need to turn in a signed permission form.  Hopefully, all of these forms will be turned in by Friday, January 10th, 2020, so they can be collected in advance.


    The Historical Fiction book report worksheet will be due the Wednesday, January 8th, the week the students return in January, 2020.  There is a sample book report on the back of the worksheet for the students to follow.  Only the worksheet will be due. (We went over the directions for this report in class)


    Also, students are assigned to read a genre of their choice, beginning December 20th.  A reading log to keep track of their daily reading will be due back and signed by a parent on Wednesday, January 8th.  This will be in place of a December book report.


     5th period Drama students - Please practice your scripts over the vacation so you are prepared for the practice presentations when you return in January 2020. 


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