8th Grade Integrated Science

8th gr science
  • 8th Grade Integrated Next Generation Science

    All Science Teachers at Monte Vista are Piloting this 2019/2020 school year.

         McGraw Hill

    • 8th Unit 3: Understanding Waves
    • 8th Unit 4: Humans and their place in the Universe (6th review)

        Amplify Pilot

    • 8: Harnessing Human Energy (Launch)
    • 8: Force and Motion
    • 8: Eng: Force & Motion
    • 8: Magnetic fields
    • 8: Thermal Energy


    Each class will we taught in a whole class format. With teacher/student led readings, students modeling, researching, and presenting their ideas, and conclusions.

    We will be following the next generation science standards using the 5 E's Engage; Explore; Explain; Elaborate; and Evaluate.