Newline Interactive Display & Peripherals

  • Image depicting an interactive display in use by students.

Info/Resources from PVSD

    • What you need to know for the first day!
      This video provides an introduction to the Newline Interactive Display and gives some "how to" starter tips to help you have a successful first few days with your new display.
    • Sample Classroom Layouts/Pictures for Mobile Display Placement
      Sometimes it takes a few tries to find the spaces in a classroom that work the best for interacting with a mobile display. This gallery will have some samples of what other PVSD teachers have done to organize their teaching space. Many teachers have enjoyed changing up their room layout for different periods of time - feel free to enjoy the flexibility a mobile display offers and try it in different spots whenever you like!
    • Newline Interactive Display - Quick Start Guide
      This quick start guide provides a brief visual representation of the various functions of the display and will help you in a pinch if you need to get some quick guidance.
    • Interactive Display FAQs from PVSD Teachers