• Terms of use:

    PVSD offers guest Wifi access for visiting presenters and other short-term or one-time guests.  The password is on a secured web site, and only PVSD administrators have access to it.  Please ask your school site Principal, Assistant Principal or department head to log in and check the current password if you have a guest presenter.

    PVSD employees should not use this network for personal devices (if we see consistent usage by PVSD employees, we may restrict access to this network).

    By connecting to this guest network, you agree to all of the terms in our Technology Acceptable Use Policy, current board policies applying to network usage, and any other agreements in place at the time of use.  By connecting, you also understand and agree that all of your use will be monitored and you have no right to privacy.  Usage should be limited to what is needed for the content of your guest presentation only.

    This password is subject to change at any time.

    PVSD Administrators, click here to access the secured site and view the current password.