Mandated Trainings & Notices (annual)


    All steps are required.

    STEP 1

    Update your Emergency Contact Information online.

    If you want District phone calls to go to your cell phone, list that as the home phone number in the PVSD employee portal.


    STEP 2

    Review the Mandated Notices and complete the Certification Form to declare that you have read and understood all of the Mandated Notices.



    STEP 3 

    PVSD is now using the Vector/Target Solutions training platform to meet our state annual mandated trainings requirements.

    A. Go to your PVSD District Email you must "validate" your email before logging into Vector Solutions (link)  After you validate your account you are able to complete the trainings.

    B. Read email from

    C. Complete the registration steps and create a new password.

    D. Complete the mandated courses assigned.

    E. Once you have completed the assignment, the system will update the District's database. PVSD maintains all records electronically and submits records to the State of California per government and education codes.