• COVID 19 Vaccination/Testing Verification

    California Department of Public Health Mandate

    On August 11, 2021 the California Department of Public Health issued an order that all schools must verify the vaccination status of all workers. That order can be found here. Workers are defined as all paid and unpaid adults serving in the school settings, including volunteers. Verification of vaccination status includes:

    • COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card (issued by the Department of Health and Human Services Centers for Disease Control & Prevention or WHO Yellow Card) which includes name of person vaccinated, type of vaccine provided and date last dose administered); OR

    • a photo of a Vaccination Record Card as a separate document; OR

    • a photo of the client's Vaccination Record Card stored on a phone or electronic device; OR

    • documentation of COVID-19 vaccination from a health care provider; OR

    • digital record that includes a QR code that when scanned by a SMART Health Card reader displays to the reader client name, date of birth, vaccine dates and vaccine type

    Workers who are not vaccinated or decline to state must provide a weekly negative test result. 


    Who Will Have Access To My Personal Health Information

    The email address you will send your information to will only be accessed by the Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services.  The files will be housed on the Human Resources Drive. Only the Assistant Superintendent, the two Human Resources department directors and a clerical person who will sign a confidentiality agreement will have permissions allowing them access to the actual folders the files are housed in. 


    Providing Verification of Vaccination Status or Weekly Negative Test

    **PVSD Is Working On Finalizing The Testing Program - Please Stay Tuned For More Information**

    In order to provide verification of vaccination status or weekly negative test, workers must do the following:

    1)  Fill out the Form for Verification of Vaccination-Negative Test.  You can fill it out electronically and sign with a digital signature OR you can print the form, fill it out and then scan it.  If you fill it out electronically, be sure to save a copy to your desktop.

    2)  If your are verifying you are vaccinated, please have a scanned copy, a photograph of your Vaccination Record Card, documentation from a health care provider, or your QR code ready to attach to the email. 

    3)  Email the completed form and your verfication of vaccination status to covid@pleasantvalleysd.org

    4)  If you are not vaccinated or decline to state, email the completed form to covid@pleasantvalleysd.org.  Please check this page for more information on how to get tested weekly.