All About Mrs. Lehman

  • 2021 Family photo

    If a child cannot learn the way you teach,
    teach the way the child learns.
    ~Author unknown


    Mrs. Lehman and Kids Mrs. Lehman in a Nutshell...

    Welcome Back to School! My name is Lindsey Lehman (pronounced "Lay-min"). I hope everyone had an enjoyable and relaxing summer break. I have been looking forward to meeting my new students and beginning a fun-filled year of learning. This will be my 23rd year of teaching (all but 1 year has been in grades TK-2). This will be my 12th year teaching at Camarillo Heights STEM Academy.  It's a wonderful place to teach where the entire staff works together to ensure that all students at Cam Heights have a safe and nurturing environment to learn.

    A little bit more about me:

    I live in Camarillo with my husband, Glenn, our daughters, Danni and Alana, and our twin sons, Joey and Charlie. We also have 3 cats named Patch, Smokadoodle, & Mr. Pumpkin. I enjoy reading, swimming, and spending time with my family.  We like to go on walks, camping, and to the beach. We also enjoy watching movies and playing games together. (Monopoly, Checkers, Chess, Uno, Dominoes, and Kings Corners are some of our favorites.)

     Mission for the Family on a Hay Ride Class

     I believe that all students can learn. I hope to provide a fun, nurturing learning environment where every child feels successful and is proud of what he or she has accomplished. I hope our classroom is a place where questions are asked, the answers are discovered, and where we learn from each other.