Family Life and Sexual Health Education

  • Growth, Development, and Sexual Health Grades 4 thru 7

    The Governing Board recognizes that accurate information about family life and human sexuality may contribute to a decreased risk for sexually transmitted diseases or unintended pregnancies. The Board also recognizes that Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) pose a public health crisis and that education is a necessary component for helping to slow the spread of this disease.  The Board therefore desires to provide a well-planned sequence of instruction on comprehensive sexual health and HIV/AIDS prevention.

    PVSD Scope and Sequence:  Growth, Development and Sexual Health Grades 4-7

    The district's curriculum shall be based on medically accurate and factual information and shall help students understand the biological, psychological, social, moral, and ethical aspects of human sexuality.  The district's program shall comply with the requirements of law and administrative regulation and shall respect the rights of parents/guardians to supervise their children's education on these subjects and to impart values regarding human sexuality to their children. 

    Each school year, parents/guardians shall be notified about instruction in comprehensive sexual health education and HIV/AIDS prevention education, as well as research on student health behaviors and risks, planned for the coming year.  The notice shall advise parents/guardians:  (California Education Code (CEC) 48980, 51938) 

    1. That written and audiovisual educational materials to be used in comprehensive sexual health and HIV/AIDS prevention education are available for inspection
    2. That parents/guardians may request in writing that their child not receive comprehensive sexual health or HIV/AIDS prevention education
    3. That parents/guardians have a right to request a copy of CEC 51930-51939 California Healthy Youth Act
    4. Whether the comprehensive sexual health or HIV/AIDS prevention education will be taught by district personnel or outside consultants

    OPT-OUT of Family Life and Sexual Health Education for Grades 4-7:

    Per  CEC 51938:  'A school district shall not require active parental consent ("opt-in") for comprehensive sexual health education and HIV prevention education.'  PVSD will only be accepting opt-out from parents, please see next paragraph.

    Upon written request, a parent/guardian may excuse his/her child from participating in comprehensive sexual health or HIV/AIDS prevention education or from participating in questionnaires or surveys regarding health behaviors and risks.  Students so excused by their parents/guardians shall be given an alternative educational activity.  (CEC 51240, 51939)

    A student shall not be subject to disciplinary action, academic penalty, or other sanction if the student's parent/guardian declines to permit the student to receive the instruction.  (CEC 51939)

    Parent and Student Viewing Schedules:     The 2019-2020 schedule will be posted in the Fall 2019


    The Camarillo Library

    The Camarillo Library has the Family Life and Sexual Health DVDs for Grades 4, 5, 6, and 7, available for check-out.  Parents/Guardians need to ask for them at the desk in the main lobby, or you can place a request on their website  All DVDs are checked out for one week, so please view and return as quickly as possible so the DVDs will be available to as many parents that wish to see the DVDs.  Requests can be placed on the DVDs and patrons will be notified when they may pick them up, also at the main circulation desk.  If you have any questions regarding checking out the DVDs please call the Camarillo Library at 805-388-5222.

    Grade 4 Videos:

    • Just Around the Corner-For Boys
    • Just Around the Corner-For Girls
    • You're Not a Little Kid Anymore

    Grade 5 Videos:

    • The Puberty Workshop:
    • What is Puberty
    • Boys and Puberty
    • Girls and Puberty
    • New Emotion, New Feeling
    • The Immune System:  Our Internal Defender

    Grade 6 Videos:

    • Straight Talk About Puberty for Boys
    • Straight Talk About Puberty for Girls
    • A Baby is Born
    • Keep It Clean!
    • Blood vs Germs
    • The Puberty Workshop:  HIV & AIDS

    Grade 7 Videos:

    • You, Your Body and Puberty
    • Human Reproduction and Childbirth
    • Understanding HIV & AIDS
    • Abstinence:  Choosing to Wait
    • Sexually Transmitted Infection:  What You Should Know

    Video Scripts or Program Summaries are available upon request, contact the Health Services Department at 805-445-8650.

    Parent Resources

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