GATE Identification Criteria & Referral Process

  • The GATE referral and testing process: 

    • Starts with your student’s classroom teacher.
    • Testing will be for current school year 3rd and 5th grade students and transfers into the District only, per assessment guidelines.
    • Testing will take place one time in the school year, just after Winter Break.
    • Referral packets can be obtained from your student's teacher.

    How are PVSD Students Identified?

    GATE identification is not based on the CogAT test alone. In addition to the CogAT, the portfolio includes the Renzulli-Hartman Scale of behavioral and motivational characteristics, academic achievement records, student work samples, other standardized testing scores (when available), parent and teacher information, and work samples to identify students in the following three areas.  Please keep this criteria in mind when initiating a referral:

    1. Intellectual Ability: Students whose general intellectual development is markedly advanced in relation to their chronological peers. In general, students are tested only one time. 
    2. High Achievement Ability: Students who consistently function for two consecutive years at highly advanced levels in both English-Language Arts and mathematics. 
    3. Specific Academic Ability:  Students who consistently function for two consecutive years at highly advanced levels in either English-Language Arts or mathematics.   

    If you think your child would meet this criteria, please review the chart below for the referral process:  

    GATE Referral Process