Locker Room Policies and Procedures

  • Each student will be assigned a permanent locker for use during the school year. Only LPSS issued locks may be used.

    Upon entering the locker room, the students may change into their uniforms and/or shoes that are stored in their assigned small lockers. During their Physical Education class time, students are permitted to store their street clothes and shoes in a large locker. All jewelry and watches should be removed for safety reasons. At the conclusion of class, the students change back into their street clothes/shoes and return their uniform to their assigned lockers and secure it with their locks.

    Personal security can be maintained if students do not share their lock combinations and make sure that the locks are locked when they leave. Only uniforms, shoes, and personal effects should be kept in the lockers. Names should be clearly printed on shirt and short name bars.

    A high standard of conduct and respect is expected while entering, using, and exiting the locker room. If an item does not belong to a student, they should not be touching it unless they are extending a courteous act. All items must be stored in a locker. Backpacks are not allowed in the locker room.

    Physical and verbal boundaries are to be respected. Personal space and words must reflect a level of respect that honors individual rights. Running, and standing on benches is not allowed. Food and Drinks are not allowed in this room.

    As students grow from children to adolescents, one of the responsibilities inherent is personal grooming and hygiene. Hygiene products may not be in aerosol form. Laundering uniforms in a timely manner is the responsibility of the students.

    Misplaced clothes and locks will be put in boxes in the locker room. Student owned uniforms should have names printed on the identification bars.

    On cold weather days, sweat pants and sweat shirts that conform to school dress code are permitted to worn overtop of the regular uniform. The PE uniform should be the layer of clothing touching the body. Uniforms may not be worn during the school day other than in Physical Education class.