Payroll Information and Forms

  • Escape Portal (Employee Online)

    To access Employee Online open any browser and go to and click on Register as a new user.  The information you provide will have to accurately match what has been provided to PVSD. If any of the data does not match the information in your Escape Employee record, you will have an error. Once registered you will receive an email from “VCOE Notification Services” with your Username and confirmation key.

    What you can do with Employee Online

    Employee Online serves PVSD employees in three specific areas.  Employees can access, review, or update current demographic information such as education, credentials, and current and past assignments through My Info.  Access, review, or update benefit information including leave usage and balances and dependent information through My Benefits. Access, review, or update payroll information including pay stubs, W-2s, and 1095s for multiple years.

    My Info

    Demographics. Current address, TB info, contact information, including emergency contacts

    Assignments. Detailed list of current and past assignments, along with location, from/thru dates, FTE, job category and class.

    Credentials. Detailed list of all credentials filed with the COE. Shows document number, issue date, expiration date and more.

    Education. Detailed list of degrees, trainings, license, NCLB records, education units, EL authorizations and assignment options.

    My Benefits

    Leave balances. Current school year leave balance summary with drill down for usages/adjustments for each balance.

    Leave activity. Detailed history of usages, including date, duration, type, units/hours, posted/pending, pay period reported. 

    Health & welfare. Current and past health & welfare benefits, plus listing of dependents with medical coverage.

    My Payroll

    Last Pay Stub. At a glance summary information from your last pay stub: date, earnings, tax withholding, miscellaneous deductions withheld, State/ Federal W4 information.

    Recent paychecks. Detailed history of pay date, including gross and net pay, with one-click download of PDF for paychecks.

    W-2 statements. One-click download of W2 statements in the system and one-click download of Affordable Care Act 1095 employee statements in the system.

    Payroll calculator. Try different scenarios for changes to taxes, including marital status, allowances, additional amounts and more.

    Tax/deduction setup change request. Submit a request to change federal and state withholdings. Copy the chosen scenario from the Payroll Calculator, includes approval process before posting and employee notification via email.