With the expectation of lifted transportation restrictions, we are pleased to announce the “Space Available” and Parent-pay bus programs will be available for the 2021/2022 school year. The Transportation program is structured to serve students whose special needs require busing support. After those needs have been met, available seats are allocated to students who live far from their NEIGHBORHOOD schools. Space Available busing serves: Las Colinas, Monte Vista, Rancho Rosal, Santa Rosa, and PVSEA.


    Social distancing protocols may impact the capacity of each school’s bus resulting in fewer spaces available for riders at the outset of the 2021-22 school year. PVSD will continue to adapt transportation plans to best serve the needs of more families in the safest way possible.  

  • (All Applications Received by May 31st are entered into random lottery drawing in June)

    SPACE AVAILABLE PROGRAM (Must be your neighborhood School for Acceptance)

    Monte Vista

    Las Colinas

    Rancho Rosal

    Sant Rosa (between Gerry & Water Company/Tuscan Grove)



    Santa Rosa (Parent-Pay, School Choice)

    PVSEA (Must be your neighborhood School for Acceptance)

    NOTE: Placements will be announced after ALL SPECIAL EDUCATION BUS RIDERS ARE PLACED; mid-summer.


    PARENT-PAY BUSING (Application Available Mid-Summer)

    Schools TBD