Course Curriculum

  • Ancient Civilizations

    The basis of the Sixth Grade History program is acquired from the Common Core Standards. We will be using a new textbook from the Teachers' Curriculuum Institute History Alive! We will be utizing an online ebookStudents will study Ancient Civilizations beginning with Early Man, Ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, Hebrew Kingdoms, Ancient and Classical Greece, and the Rise and Fall of Rome. The students also will be studying maps, timelines and completing creative projects in class as well as at home.


    7th Grade Medieval History

    Teachers' Curriculuum Institute History Alive! will be our textbook for Seven Grade History. We will be studying the growth of Islam, African and Asian Civilizations, Medieval Europe (including the ever popular knights and Feudal Europe), The Renaissance and Reformation, and concluding with The Scientific Revolution, Age of Enlightenment and Reason. After we have become familiar with the content standards by way of Cornell Note Taking, students will participate in project-based learning. Sometimes working in partners or small groups, the class will analyze and synthesize factual information to rel-earn the most important concepts. The textbook is entirely online as an ebook.