Grading and Homework Policy

  • Discipline Plan

    Step 1:     Warning

    Step 2:     2nd Warning

    Step 3:     Nutrition detention

    Step 4:     Lunch detention with parent contact

    Step 5:     Referral to Assistant Principal

    As stated in the MV Student Handbook, disciplinary action is dependent upon the severity of the situation and the behavior record of the student.  For example, any fighting will result in an immediate referral to the Assistant Principal.


    Homework will be assigned most nights, including Fridays  Listed below are some typical homework assignments for each subject.

    • Practice problems from the textbook
    • Homework worksheets  
    • Practice math facts
    • Review notes   
    • Test Corrections
    • Study Guide For Tests

    Homework must be turned in on time to receive full credit.  Homework turned in the class period after it is due will receive half credit. After that day, homework will not be accepted. This policy does not apply to next-day or overnight assignments or when a student is absent due to illness or other excused reasons.  In these situations, state law allows for one day of makeup time for each day of excused absence.  It is the student’s responsibility to find out what assignments were missed during their absence.  Please refer to the MV Student Handbook for additional information. 


    Grades are tabulated at the end of each quarter.  This means that every quarter (approximately 8-10 weeks) students have the opportunity to start fresh on their grades.  Students may request to see their grades during breaks or after school, and any student requiring grade verification for sports or other activities, please provide me with the appropriate form at least 24 hours in advance.  Students participating in the progress report program through the counseling office will receive a grade printout each week.


    I welcome the opportunity to communicate with both students and parents regarding academic progress.  To preserve confidentiality, I will not discuss student progress during class time.  Students may arrange to meet with me privately during breaks or after school when necessary.  Parents and/or guardians may contact me regarding their student in several ways:

    E-Mail:  This is the most efficient method of contacting me.  My e-mail address is:

    Phone:  Call the school and leave a message during school hours.  I will return your call as soon as possible.  The school phone number is (805) 482-8891.
    Note or Letter:  This is the least efficient method of contact due to inherent problems with the “Backpack Express.”  Students often misplace or forget notes to/from the teacher.  If you have sent a note to school and I have not responded within a reasonable amount of time, please call.