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  • Toggle Magazine: New tech for old schools

    Posted by Devin Holzer on 1/15/2020

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    No one will ever hear Devin Holzer clank down a hallway in a suit of steel so heavy it crushes the floor tiles under his feet. Nor will anyone see him suddenly shift his shape into an armored vehicle laden with weaponry for a neverending fight against evil.


    Yet no matter how softly the district technology manager for the Pleasant Valley School District may tread, he will not soon be escaping his nickname—“The Transformer.”


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  • Congrats to Justin for his Standing Ovation award!!

    Posted by Devin Holzer on 12/16/2019

    Standing Ovation Award Picture

    The PVSD Standing Ovation Recognition Program honors employees who demonstrate excellence in work performance, school and community involvement, leadership and commitment to our District and students.


    Justin's nomination celebrates his leadership covering summer staff and projects and his accomplishments serving the students and staff at PVSD.


    Way to go, Justin!  Thanks for all you do!


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  • Classroom Technology Rollout: A Success!

    Posted by Devin Holzer on 8/6/2019

    Our rollout of @NewlineIDEAMAX Interactive Displays is complete! All @PVSDCamarillo classrooms get to enjoy the crisp, clear, bright new displays and have fun with the interactive portion of these displays starting in the 2019-2020 school year! #PVShares #PVProud #MeasureC

    Classrooms also received new document cameras and DVD players to help teachers with instruction.

    Newline Displays Ready for Distribution

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  • Newline Displays - Coming soon to a school near you!

    Posted by Devin Holzer on 3/1/2019

    Classroom Picture La Mariposa Interactive Display

    The Technology Services team has been hard at work deploying our new Newline Interactive Displays to school sites.  So far, La Mariposa, PVSEA, and SRTMS have received their displays and remaining schools will get them over the summer.  Teachers have had great feedback with the new displays, and student engagement is great with the new technology!


    Check out the recent newspaper articles about the displays:


    Camarillo Acorn

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  • Cris Sabilla Earns a "Big O" Standing Ovation Award

    Posted by Devin Holzer on 12/11/2018 6:00:00 PM

    Tonight I had the honor of recognizing Cris Sabilla at our PVSD school board meeting for his EXCELLENT service to @pvsdcamarillo on our Technology Services team. He is always ready and willing to jump in and get any job done, and he does it with a smile! An all-around great guy. Thanks, Cris! #PVProud #PvShares #StandingOvation

    Cris Sabilla Recognized at PVSD Board Meeting Cris Sabilla Recognized at PVSD Board Meeting

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  • Welcome back! Technology Updates Newsletter

    Posted by Devin Holzer on 9/10/2018

    Check out our latest updates in the Welcome Back newsletter that was just sent out to staff this week!  Welcome Back Newsletter

    Welcome Back Technology Services Newsletter

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  • New website is back to #1 (almost)!

    Posted by Devin Holzer on 9/8/2018

    It took a little while to sync up and transition out on the vast interwebs, but our new website is finally starting to be a top search result again on Google and others since its launch a little over a month ago! Yay! https://www.pleasantvalleysd.org #PVProud #SEO #WebDev #PVSDTech

    PVSD Website Statistics Graphic

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  • Interactive Display Training was a Blast!

    Posted by Devin Holzer on 8/10/2018

    We had an awesome time training this week on our new @ Interactive Displays. Excited to get these rolled out this year as a pilot at @ @ @

    Newline Interactive Display Training for PVSEA Staff

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  • Wondering what's going on with technology systems? Check the status.

    Posted by Devin Holzer on 7/30/2018 2:00:00 PM

    Have you ever been in a situation where you try to get onto the internet, your email, or your favorite software application - but something seems wrong?  Wondering if it's working correctly (or at all)??


    Technology is great, when it works as expected.  Most technology systems require regular maintenance, which usually happens without end-users even noticing.  Sometimes, though, technology systems have and issue that requires a fix or upgrade.  Systems can also have a critical issue that pops up unexpectedly, causing a downtime event or other problems for users.


    At PVSD, we are always working hard to keep #MovingTechnologyForward and keep our systems current and functioning efficiently and reliably.  Unfortunately, sometimes things happen that are beyond anyone's control.  In an effort to help keep our users informed, we've created a dashboard that will allow everyone to check the status of the main technology systems we use throughout the district.


    If you're ever wondering what's going on with technology systems, head over to:


    to see the status of our systems or report an issue.  It will be updated with an "incident" to provide users about any issue that comes up, and details about how that issue is being resolved.


    You can also find the status dashboard on our district website from the Technology Services department page.  Just click on the "Systems Status" link!

    Technology Systems Status Dashboard Graphic

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  • You're only as good as your infrastructure...

    Posted by Devin Holzer on 7/28/2018

    It’s not “blingy” or fancy to most end-users, but a solid infrastructure is critical for efficient & reliable technology systems. Upgrades coming to schools in the coming months and years to help keep our aging network up-to-date!      View on Twitter

    Picture of Network Infrastructure

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