Citizens’ Oversight Committee for Measure C Bond Program

  • Business:  Bonnie Gilles     

    Senior(s): Bill Todd 

    Taxpayer: Vacant

    Parent(s): L. Scott Carroll, Brian D'Anna    

    Parent Organization: Dawn Ott

    At-Large: Nitzia Castaniero, Keith Fichtelman, Lisa Jensen-Hillsten


Citizens' Oversight Committee Meeting Agendas

General Information About the Citizens' Oversight Committee

  • Committee Information

    $119 Million General Obligation Bonds

    The Board of Trustees (the “Board”) of the Pleasant Valley School District (the “District”) has established a Citizens’ Oversight Committee for Bond Measure C (the “Committee”) to review expenditures from construction activity associated with Measure C, which was approved by District voters on June 5, 2018.  The Committee is responsible for ensuring that bond revenues are used only as voters intended and for informing the public of bond expenditures.  

    Who is on a Citizens' Oversight Committee?

    The Citizens’ Oversight Committee must have at least seven members.  In addition to two members of the community at large, there must be at least one member from each of the following groups:

    • One member who is active in a business organization representing the business community located within the school district
    • One member who is active in a senior citizen’s organization
    • One member who is the parent or guardian of a child enrolled in the school district
    • One member who is the parent or guardian of a child enrolled in the school district and is active in a parent-teacher organization
    • One member who is active in a bona-fide taxpayer’s organization

    The Committee may not include any employee or official of the school district or any vendor, contractor, or consultant of the school district.  Committee members must be at least 18 years old, and preference will be given to members who live within the geographic boundary of the District.

    What will the Committee do?

    The Committee will be responsible for reporting to the Board and the community about bond expenditures.

    How often will the Committee meet?

    The Committee is required to meet at least one time per year, or more frequently as it deems necessary to fulfill its duty.  It is estimated at this time that the Committee will meet approximately 3-4 times per year, with specific meeting dates determined by the Committee.  Committee members will be appointed by the Board to serve a two-year term.  A maximum of three consecutive two-year terms is allowed under the law.

    How was the Committee be selected?

    The Board selected the members of the Committee, taking into account the applicants' professional and/or practical experience, the applicants' contributions to his/her community, the diversity of experience on the Committee as a whole, and representation on the Committee from various communities within the District.  The Board is expected appointed the members of the Committee on September 11, 2018.

    Are there other regulations that Committee members should be aware of?

    Under the provisions of Education Code Section 35233, a member of the Committee may not have any financial interests in any contracts made with the District during the member’s two-year term.  Committee members may also be subject to the Political Reform Act of 1974 and its Conflict of Interest Provision.  Members will be required to abide by an Ethics Policy attached to the Bylaws governing the Committee.

    All Committee proceedings will be open to the public and will be subject to the Brown Act.  All documents and reports received or published by the Committee will be a matter of public record and will be made available on the District’s website.

    The Board will provide the Committee with administrative support and sufficient resources to publicize the Committee reports.