• Re-Enrollment and First Day Forms


    Due Tuesday, August 22, 2023


    Log into your ParentConnect Account. If you do not have access to a desk top, laptop computer, or Smartphone app please call your school office. 

    From the ParentConnect Home screen, click on the link “First Day Forms & Information Updates” at the top, to the right.

    You will need to select each and every EDIT button on the right to update all individuals, one for each primary contact and, and one for each enrolled student.

    At the bottom of each section, check the little box that says you have reviewed the data and made appropriate changes. Clicking Submit at the top left will take you to the next section. 

    All yellow fields are required to be updated. If after you hit Submit and it won't go on, you will seeat the top in red what still needs to be initialed or checked. 

    Once you have successfully completed all of the sections, you will see “Changes Pending” in red and "Re-Enrollment Complete" in greennext to each EDIT button. Next to each item in the section, if it is complete it will say "Confirmed Date Time by Parent Name" in black.  If you see “Re-Enrollment Incomplete” or "Not Confirmed" please go back into the section and look for the red boxes that were missed, or the little square at the bottom that need to be checked.

    After September, this link name will change to: “Update Information.”  You can access it anytime during the year to make corrections to your child's information.