• An octopus rides a turtle in Hawaii.

7th Grade Integrated Science

  • 7th Grade Integrated Next Generation Science 

    The 5 E's Engage; Explore; Explain; Elaborate; Evaluate

    • All Monte Vista Science Teachers are Piloting this 2019/2020 school year.

           McGraw Hill August thru December

    • 6th Unit 1: Life Structure and Function
    • 7th Unit 4: Interactions within Ecosystems (photosynthesis)       

          Amplify January thru June

    • 7: Geology on Mars (launch)
    • 7: Phase Change
    • 7: Eng: Phase Change
    • 7: Chemical Reactions
    • 6: Traits & Reproduction


    Each Lesson will be taught in a whole class format with modeling, group work, presentations, and teacher/student directed reading and questions. Your student will typically not have homework unless they have not been able to complete the daily assignments that are completed in class. If they do have homework they will have written it down in what ever homework tracking system you have.