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Measure C Implementation



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Measure C is a general obligation school facility bond program approved by Camarillo voters in the June 2018 election. Measure C funds will be used, in combination with other facilities funding, to complete the school repair and renovation projects identified in PVSD’s 2018 Facilities Master Plan. This eight-year program will repair critical campus infrastructure and provide all Camarillo students with safe, modern classrooms.

The Measure C Bond Projects by School Site detail the projects identified for each campus.


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Types of Projects

PVSD campuses need many of the same repairs and renovations, like low voltage systems and roof repair. Some older campuses need new buildings constructed from the ground up, some need retrofitting, and others require repairs to existing structures. Each campus is unique, and each has been carefully inspected to identify the facility needs.

Project Planning & Phasing

In planning to implement facility improvements over the next several years, PVSD is striving to limit disruptions to classroom instruction time. Most large projects, including new construction, will commence during summer months to the best of the District’s ability. Projects have been divided into three multi-year phases to allow for this seasonal implementation at each school site. Parent and community input is also taken into planning consideration, addressing campus security concerns in Phase 1 of the project planning.

Funding Sources

The 2018 PVSD Facilities Master Plan identified approximately $135 million dollars, and Measure C funds will provide approximately $119 million dollars. Most California state school facilities funds are only accessible to districts that raise matching funds through local measures. Measure C allows PVSD to leverage these locally-raised matching funds for energy efficiency projects including lighting, HVAC and solar power.


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Oversight Committee

A Citizens’ Oversight Committee will oversee the general obligation bond funding, in accordance with California’s Proposition 39. Please see the Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee information for details on the oversight committee process. The PVSD Board of Trustees opened the application period for the Measure C Citizens’ Oversight Committee in July 2018.

Communication & Reporting

Beginning in the fall of 2018, the Measure C projects will commence at PVSD campuses throughout Camarillo. Signs will identify what projects are being undertaken at every phase throughout the Measure C Implementation period, so that the Camarillo community can identify Measure C AT WORK!

The Measure C Citizens' Oversight Comittee (COC) respectfully submits the following annual reports to the residents, voters and taxpayers of the Pleasant Valley School District. These reports fulfill the requirement that the School District Board of Trustees form an independent COC and that this committee report to the public on the proper expenditure of the bond funds at least once annually.

Measure C Fiscal Year 18-19 Annual Report

Measure C Fiscal Year 19-20 Annual Report

Measure C Fiscal Year 20-21 Annual Report

Measure C Fiscal Year 21-22 Annual Report


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The Pleasant Valley School District Administrative Offices are located at 600 Temple Avenue, Camarillo, CA  93010.