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Communicable Diseases Signs and Symptoms

For the welfare of all the children in the classroom, please do not send your child to school when she/he is ill. Your child needs to stay home if she/he has a productive cough, sore throat, and/or colored nasal discharge. If your child has a rash, she/he must have a doctor’s note for re-admittance. Most importantly, to lessen the chance of your child contracting an additional illness, you must wait 24 hours after any vomiting and/or elevated temperature to send your child back to school.

Please report any confirmed communicable diseases to your child's school.

We appreciate your help in preventing the spread of disease and in keeping our children healthy, well and ready to learn. If you have further questions about the diseases discussed below or need further assistance, please call Ventura County Public Health at 805-981-5221 or your family physician.

COVID-19 Information

See below the most common communicable diseases: