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Substitute Teaching

Substitute teachers are a valued asset and play an integral role in the education of our students. The recruitment for substitute teachers begins in August, and a posting will be opened on the  website at that time.  


PVSD is in need of substitute teachers and actively looking for applicants:

Apply now in  For more information about this opportunity contact the Certificated Human Resources Department at 805-389-2100 Ext. 1301 or email
Here are the requirements to apply: (attach PDF copies)

1. Letter of introduction
2. Resume
3. 30 day Emergency Substitute Teacher Permit or Credential (If you do not have a permit please contact the HR office for additional help 805-389-2100 ext. 1301)
4. If you do not have a Substitute Teacher Permit or Credential-submit Official transcripts showing completion of a minimum of 90 semester units of course work from a regionally-accredited four-year college or university. Please fill out this online request form to recieve a 30 day sub permit.
Monitor your email. You will be contacted if selected to substitute teach.
  • Current substitute compensation is:
    • Regular Day Rate                              $175.00
    • Long-Term Rate (21 Days)                 $190.00
    • Extended Long-Term (91 Days)          Step 1, Column 1 Teacher’s Salary Schedule




Resources for Substitute Teachers- Help you teach

Interested in becoming a Substitute Teacher for PVSD?