Enrollment Information

  • For questions about registration, please call the District Office at (805) 389-2100.


     2020-2021 enrollment into PVSD is moving forward with a new virtual enrollment step. 

    • Families should complete the pre-enrollment online.
    • Families should then contact the school administrative assistant (SAA) via email (contact information is below - scroll down the page) to make an appointment for the second step which will be done virtually. The SAA will give the family directions for what to do.
    • In August (if the stay at home order is lifted), families will come into the school office for a final verification of documents.

    Open Enrollment (Choice, Inter District Transfer, and Transitional K) notifications will be based on the following timeline:

    Week of May 4th – Notifications to Los Primeros Kindergarteners and Transitional Kindergarten applicants

     Notifications of approval in the following order have started:  Intra District (choice) and then Inter District (IDT).  Please check your email. 

    **UPDATE as of 08/19/20 Choice and IDT have been emailed approval and we are awaiting responses. As parents accept choice placements, we will continue the notification process.

    Please refer to the guidelines you received when you turned in your application for the priority order. Notifications will be made thru email.  Please check your email regularly.  You will have 5 business days to respond.

    If you have any questions you can email us at mvazquez@pleasantvalleysd.org or call (805) 389-2100 ext 1109.  

    School Administrative Assistant Contacts

    Camarillo Heights Stem Academy            Dos Caminos Elementary
    Christy Smith                                                 Kathy Azbell
    csmith@pleasantvalleysd.org                    kazbell@pleasantvalleysd.org                

    La Mariposa Elementary                             Las Colinas Middle School
    Kathy Matsumori                                          Karen Lariviere
    kmatsumori@pleasantvalleysd.org           klariviere@pleasantvalleysd.org

    Las Posas Elementary                                 Los Primeros School of Sciences and Arts
    Julia Mildenhall                                            Teresa Rittenhouse
    jmildenhall@pleasantvalleysd.org            trittenhouse@pleasantvalleysd.org

    Monte Vista Middle School                         Pleasant Valley School of Engineering and Arts
    Melissa Hinds                                                Araceli Cerna
    mhinds@pleasantvalleysd.org                   acerna@pleasantvalleysd.org

    Rancho Rosal School                                   Santa Rosa Technology Magnet               
    Leanne Kelly                                                  Marcia Mullins
    lkelly@pleasantvalleysd.org                       mmullins@pleasantvalleysd.org                

    Tierra Linda Elementary
    Suzanne Capellini

    For Preschool enrollment information, please email lorozco@pleasantvalleysd.org or call (805) 389-2100.

    Please use the Pre-Enrollment form below for new students only to register.

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