6th Grade Honor Society

  • *This is not admission into the Honors/GATE classes. 6th grade Honor Society is a way to recognize students for outstanding grades in the core classes of Math, ELA, History and Science.  It is a pre-cursor to California Junior Scholarship Federation (7th and 8th graders only). This is a wonderful opportunity for students to show and grow in the areas of scholarship and citizenship.  For more information please contact Mrs. Edie Robbins, LCMS's 6th grade Honor Society's advsior at erobbins@pleasantvalleysd.org

    Requirements for 6th Grade Honor Society

    Honor Society points are granted as follows:
    A=3 points
    B=1 point
    C=0 points

    *1 additional point is given to students in Honors ELA and Math classes.

    1. Students must earn a total of 8 points from the following subjects for each quarter: Language Arts, Social Science, Mathematics, and Science.
    2. No points are earned for PE, remedial classes, electives or repeated courses.
    3. A grade of “D” or “F” in any class bars a student from membership.
    4. Behavior and citizenship grades must be maintained as satisfactory or better in all classes. Students may not have “N”s or “U”s in any class.
    5. Students may apply after their first quarter grades.
    6. Students with 3 quarters of membership will receive an honor society pin and reception at the end of the year.

    Please Note:

    • It is a MANDATORY requirement for students to apply each quarter for membership. 
    • Qualified students may pick up their forms from Mrs. Robbins after each quarter's grades.
    • Homeroom teachers also have forms.
    • Students must staple a copy of their report card to each quarter's forms.
    • Grades earned in 6th grade will qualify students for eligibility in “6th Grade Honor Society”.
    • Grades earned in 7th and 8th grade will qualify students for eligibility in “CJSF”.
    • Membership qualifications for Honor Society and CJSF are the same.