• 2022/23 Bell Schedule

    *NEW* 2022/23 Bell Schedule

    Middle School Bell Schedule 22/23

    Regular Start and Dismissal Times

    Kindergarten Early Birds are from 8:10 AM -12:57 PM, Late Birds are 9:40AM-2:25 PM

    The school day begins promptly at 8:10 AM for 1st-8th grade students. Dismissal for 1st-5th grade students is 2:25 PM on Monday-Friday.

    Dismissal for middle school (6th-8th grade) students is 2:55 PM, Monday-Wednesday and Friday. Dismissal for 6th-8th is 1:57 PM on Thursday.         

    2022/23 Middle School A/B Schedule:          

    Middle School A/B Calendar