Welcome to Monte Vista Physical Education!

  • We are excited for the year.  We are here to provide a success-oriented, program in a non-threatening environment where every child is challenged to achieve their individual potential.  Our goal is to provide the opportunity for each child to develop the skills necessary to lead a healthy, active lifestyle.

    Physical Education Announcements

    Thank you to all of our wonderful families for your donations to our classes! It is greatly appreciated. 
    Typical MVPE class: Every class consists of a fitness strand and an activity or skills based unit.  Units rotate approximately every three weeks.  Students will be measured in their fitness to obtain a baseline and will be tested and every quarter. 
    Activity Logs: Due every month to your teacher.

    100 Mile Challenge

    Can you complete 100 Miles? Answer: Yes you Can!
    It has been widely publicized and cited in the media, magazine articles, and medical journals that adolescence is the critical time in the development of a positive outlook on physical activity and a healthy lifestyle. Monte Vista’s goal is to be proactive and a leader in getting students moving. Monte Vista students and staff have been challenged to complete 100 miles on foot by the end of the school year.  This school-wide challenge is one step toward getting our students moving towards a physically active and healthy lifestyle.  Families are encouraged to join their students on this challenge at home. 

    The 100 Mile Challenge will help teach our students about goal setting, achievement and personal success.  The students will be challenged to run or walk one hundred miles during the school year.  Students will receive T-shirts, prizes and a party for reaching their goal.  Records will be kept within the Physical Education Department.  Miles will be completed during their physical education class,  and by running outside the school day and completing a take home log.  Students may also get credit by running events such as a 5K or 10K.  Students will record every mile ran onto their 100 mile chart.  You will be surprised how quickly they add up.

    In order to achieve the 100 mile goal this year students will be asked to average just over 3 miles per week for the remainder of the school year.  This is very doable for Everybody.  So let’s get moving Toros and Toro families and reap the benefits of physical activity!  See Mrs. Bittner or Ms. Zeits for more details.
    "Physical activity is the basis for all other forms of excellence." JFK