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Welcome to 1st Grade
  • Week 2: April 6-April 10

    Language Arts: Unit 8 Week 1

    Phonics Skill: Words with /ar/

    Workbook Pages: p. 14-17 in Shared Readings Workbook, p. 44-45 in Phonics and High Frequency Words Activity Book, p. 1-4 in Grammar, Spelling & Vocabulary Book

    High Frequency Words: boy, city, four, great

    Spelling Words: hard, start, park, farm, sharp, yard, dark, part, boy, four

    Decodable Reader: “Mark Sees the Stars”, “Wish Upon a Star


    Module 4: Lesson 10, 11 (pages 40-48)

    Writing:  Life Cycle of a Plant – Write a 4 sentence paragraph.

    Science: Research the life cycle of a plant.  Draw and label a diagram of how a plant grows.

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  • Week 1 Distance Learning Plans

    Mrs. McGinnis and Ms. Kingsbury 1st Grade

    March 30th-April 3

    For Access: Login into CLEVER > Select Google Classroom > Select Benchmark > Find “Assignments” section

    Language Arts: Unit 7 Week 3

    Phonics Skill: long I spelled I, ie, igh, y

    Workbook Pages- p.42 in Phonics and HFW Activity Book, 10-13 in My Shared Readings

    High Frequency Words: again, round, they, country

    Spelling Words: sky, tie, find, high, why, bright, pies, child, again, country

    Decodable Reader : “High in the Sky” and “It Flies”


    Module 4 Lesson 8, 9

    Writing:  “What is Your Favorite Thing About Spring?”   Write 5 sentences using adjectives.

    Science: Draw and label a model of the parts of a plant (root, seed, stem, leaf, flower).  Research what each part of the plant does for the plant as a whole.

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