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Welcome & Classroom Information



    The students are expected to copy their assignments in the Las Colinas Student Handbook for each subject on a daily basis. Changes made in class are not always reflected on the homework website.

    Be sure to click on the Homework tab on this page to see what homework is due this week!


    Please be sure to bring your Literature books (Literature book, Close Reader, composition book), History workbook, charged up chrome book, agenda, folder and outside reading book to class each day.  Thank you for being prepared for class! 



    The November outside reading book genre is HISTORICAL FICTION.  There will be a check to see if you have your HISTORICAL FICTION book on Wednesday, November 13th (extension given).  Please remember to choose a new book to read that you haven't already read.  The idea is to try reading new books and seeing the writing styles of different authors.  The book should be about 200 pages in length, and not be a graphic novel.



    We greatly appreciate any donations of Kleenex!  As of December 2nd, we do not have any Kleenex. Thank you in advance! :)