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Welcome to the Las Colinas Music Program!


                   Hello and Welcome to ...

    Las Colinas Band & Music Appreciation

                           4th Quarter!



     A sample of the Las Colinas Advanced Band virtual Solo/Ensemble Concert April 2021

      Calypso Morning


    If you might be interested in the band elective class, please send me an email  Reese Copsey.  I can call you and answer questions or possibly even set up a Zoom session with parents and student.  Thanks!

    Please fill out and submit the Band Student Survey Form if you are interested in being in the Las Colinas band elective class 

       ( 6th, 7th, & 8th grade students are also invited!)

    Incoming Student Band Survey  


    Visit our "Virtual Band Performance" page - tab on the left margin or click:

              The Las Colinas Advanced Band Virtual Tour

    Join the Band flyer

                         For additional information about instruments: 

                                  Be Part of the Band

    You are invited to choose band as you "elective" class for this year

         This is part of your regular school day class schedule!

            -- Send an email to me rcopsey@pleasantvalleysd.org    

                Please include any musical instrument playing experience you have (what instrument & how long you have played)

                      --or--  Send an email to our school counselor Mr. Kline  jkline@pleasantvalleysd.org  


    Please sign in to Google Classroom.  Zoom links are under "Stream".

    Google Classroom Codes now available by email  rcopsey@pvsdcamarillo.org  Reese Copsey

              ~~~~~~~~4th Quarter - April 12 - June 18 ~~~~~~~~~~

                                      Cohorts at School

    Period 1 (Period 4) Beginning Band / Music Appreciation:  Google Classroom Code:  

         Class Schedule:  8:40 - 10:00 

         Zoom 1st half:  at home Cohort + DL / with Cohort at school    

    Nutrition Break:  10:00 -10:15

    Period 2 Intermediate Band:  Google Classroom Code:  

         Class Schedule:  10:20 - 11:40 

         Zoom 1st half:  at home Cohort + DL / with Cohort at school

    1st Independent Study (2nd Period class):  11:45 - 12:15   (LC classes - wings D,E,F)    

    2nd Lunch:  12:15-12:50

    Period 3 Music Appreciation:  Google Classroom Code:  

         Class Schedule:  12:55 - 2:15

         Zoom 1st half:  at home Cohort + DL / with Cohort at school


    "Optional" (not required, but you are invited!!)  After-School Zooms for Band

     - ALL MTP, DL (Distance Learning), & DLA students are invited!  Students can sign in to Google Classroom using the Google Classroom Codes for after-school times.  Zoom links are under "Stream".  You may visit whichever level is appropriate.

      Advanced Band - Monday & Thursday  3:15 - 3:45

      Intermediate Band - Monday & Thursday  4:00 - 4:30

      Beginning Band - Wednesday & Friday  3:15 - 3:45

      Office Hours / Solo Time (all band levels)  Tuesday & Friday  2:30 - 3:00

    Zoom links are in Google Classroom under "Stream".  Parents/Guardians are not allowed to be present during Zoom classroom times.  The "Google Slides" for each week's Zoom regular classes and weekly assignments are in Google Classroom under "Classwork".


    Distance Learning Zoom class links, assignments and links to necessary resources are posted in Google Classroom.

    Updated grades for turned in assignments will be available in Q ParentConnect/Student Connect.  Additional information and feedback will sometimes be attached in the Gradebook or to returned assignments in Google Classroom (students may see comments on returned assignments in Google Classroom by clicking the "Classwork" tab and then selecting "View My Work").  Students may also email me Reese Copsey  by using their student PVSD Gmail account.

    You are welcome to contact me any time with quesions or issues at my email addresses below.  I check all of them frequently and this may be the easiest way to reach me.  Thanks!  ~ Reese Copsey

     rcopsey@pvsdcamarillo.org  - for student emails directly to me

     rcopsey@copseysmusic.net  - music related communications to parents

                  (to help keep separate from other school emails)

     rcopsey@pleasantvalleysd.org  - regular Las Colinas teacher school email


     ===Optional for Band extra time in Google Classroom===

    -- practice 1 hour a day/ 5 days a week to increase your playing skills

    -- play the music in the "Concert Music" or "Classroom Music" folders in Google Classroom

    -- play coin line solos and move up "Levels"

    -- and HAVE FUN playing!


    Welcome!  Our classes are part of the school electives as part of your regular school class schedule.  And we get to meet every day!  The requirements for the different classes are under "Band Classes" (click on "Pages" at the top).  Please email me at if you have any questions.

            --  Band Instruments may be available to borrow from the school district, based on financial need. If you are interested, please fill out this request form  Instrument Request Form  or email to request a form.  You may scan and email it to me or leave it at the school office as soon as possible. 

    Band Homework ("homeplay") - Keep practicing!  20 minutes - 1 hour a day/ 5 days a week!

    Las Colinas Bands – Upcoming Performances & Events

             -- Someday in the future!

    Past Performances

       Music from our performances is posted on Google Classroom.  Please email rcopsey@pleasantvalleysd.org if you don't have the Class code.

       The Las Colinas Advanced Band plays Music from Frozen  (Spring Concert - May 2015)   http://youtu.be/ePrrv_xwYEw

       The Las Colinas Advanced Band plays Music from Moana  (Spring Concert - May 2017)   Music from Moana


    Ventura County Middle School Honor Band

    Auditions - not yet determined

            The Off Beats

    For the immediate future - we will not be meeting until we can play together again as a group.... SORRY!...

    If you are possiby interested in the future, please just send me an email.  Thanks!

    "The Off Beats" is our after-school jazz band (click on "Pages" at the top)
    Auditions for Off Beats are in September & January, after school at Las Colinas. Membership is by audition, not based on what grade you are in. A donation is requested to pay for the cost of the program https://sokm.net/classes/the-off-beats-6/ .  Audition requirements are in "The Off Beats" page at top left  Audition Requirements.  Please email rcopsey@pleasantvalleysd.org or see me to schedule an appointment.

    When things get back to normal, we will meet in the Las Colinas Band Room D7, Mondays & Thursdays 3:30 - 4:30 pm from October through May.  Students from all schools are welcome!  Join us!! 

    Music from performances posted on Google Classroom.  Please email me at rcopsey@pleasantvalleysd.org if you don't have the Class code.


    Off Beats Performances & Events

    Our performances from the beginning of last year Google Classroom Class code  44ulvkl


    Our performance at the Camarillo Health Care Center last June 2019.

       Cam Health Care Center 6/3/19

    Music from last year performances is posted in Google Classroom Class code pqj6blz   https://classroom.google.com/u/0/c/MTY1MTk2MTYyNTha.

    or previous years....  https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1PSRNKG_Pnws4-3KuGad8RR4EngCdq4_P


    Off Beats Performances & Events... even though it didn't work out this year...!!!  ... keep playing.  You can play along with the recordings posted above.


    Students may sign up for the after-school band program that starts at the end of September, including The Off Beats jazz band, :-( postponed for right now :-( .  The after-school music program includes classes with guitar, strings (violin, cello, etc) and orchestra and other programs.  Information is on the SOKM website.  Current information on all PVSD band activities, flyers, & forms you can download are available on the Save Our Kids Music website .

    For 35 minutes of inspiration ("It's your choice...")  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lrXTvOTncU

    For you on your birthday...  

      "Happy Birthday!"    Just click on this link  


    Las Colinas 8th Grade Band Awards - June 2020

                Please click the link below for the Slide Show    

      Band Awards Google Slides - Congratulations!


        Camarillo Community Band

    Music from our Camarillo Community Band Concerts in 2018 and 2019.  Click the following link to play music from our concerts:  Camarillo Community Band Concerts

    Please email Reese Copsey  if you can't get access.  Also, visit the Camarillo Community Band website http://www.camarillocommunityband.com  or send an email to the  Camarillo Community Band email .

        And...  Don't forget about high school!

                  ACHS Future New Member Orientation

    Adolfo Camarillo High School Band website at http://www.achsmusic.com/
    Rancho Campana High School Music  https://www.rchsmusic.com
    Rio Mesa High School Band website at  http://rmhsband.tripod.com/

          An invitation from ACHS 

      ACHS Music Classes Information

    Adolfo Camarillo High School
    Our registration link https://www.achsmusic.com/post/2021-2022-registration-form-for-prospective-new-music-students is live on our website. Audition information is not posted just yet, but we wanted to bridge the gap of communication with students ASAP with all of our schedules that are unique for Distance Learning and all of the other moving parts that are involved this year. A more comprehensive info night will be hosted virtually in March or April. A promo video is being finished up and will be on our website soon. We will have a link to send to you all as well if you'd like to use it in lieu of a visit or if you'd like to send it out to families in a newsletter.

    Intra District transfer requests are due at the end of February and the district form link is embedded in our registration form this year.

    Reach out if you have any questions or concerns and we look forward to meeting you.
    Daniel Cook M.A. Ed.
    Music Director - Dept. Chair
    Digital Music Prod. & Recording Engineering CTE
    Site Tech Coach
    Adolfo Camarillo High School
    805-366-3305 - Google Voice

    Here's our guest artist concert from 2019 featuring trumpeter James Blackwell: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qm-vHbLm0Vs

    Here's the album from 2020 featuring Danny House: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipN5YFtVYIy_0rtP26m7OADROGe2Ojp9lBvd2UXmnD2p3Fqghzz3Y019t9avCOKaCQ?key=dUZRakdNa2JaQWVRRlJNaUNmSTFFNEFlSEZNVGZB



    Please get in touch to offer comments or if you have questions...  You're welcome to email me:

    rcopsey@pvsdcamarillo.org  - for student emails directly to me

    rcopsey@copseysmusic.net  - music related communications to parents

                  (to help keep separate from other school emails)

     rcopsey@pleasantvalleysd.org  - regular Las Colinas teacher school email

    Have a great day!   Thanks, Reese Copsey

    Take Note!   copyright © 2008 Copsey's Music
    Band is not a spectator sport!

    "It's amazing how much natural talent you have when you practice your instrument... 1 hour a day, 5 days a week, ... for a couple years ..."

    Thank you for visiting!

    Have a great day!  ... and when you have time ...
    KEEP PLAYING!   copyright © 2008 Copsey's Music