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Welcome to the Las Colinas Band!

  •        Hello! Las Colinas Band!

    Welcome to band!  Our classes and office hours are now online.  You are welcome to contact me any time with questions or issues at my email address rcopsey@pleasantvalleysd.org . Online virtual classes/office hours have started the week of Monday March 30th!

    ===Online Live Teaching with Zoom & Google Classroom:  Tuesday, Thursday===

    You are invited to our "lesson" for the day using a scheduled Zoom meeting.
    -- Go to Google Classroom

    -- Click on the link there to join a live Zoom lesson

    -- Open the "new assignment Online Lesson" for today's date

    -- Under "Instructions" - Open the current day "Google Slides" lesson for information on what we are doing for this lesson

    -- Get out your instrument and music

    -- After the end of the Live Teach time, open the "Response Journal" for this lesson, answer the questions, and submit it to Google Classroom (please submit it;  do not use share to have is count for this class).

        Please email me if you don't have your Google Classroom Class code.

           1st Period -   Advanced   10:00 - 10:30 am 

           2nd Period -  Advanced-Intermediate   7th/8th   10:30 - 11:00 am

           3rd & 6th Periods - Intermediate 7th/8th & Intermediate 6th   1:00 - 1:30 pm

           5th Period -   Beginning 6th   1:30 - 2:00 pm


    ===Office hours/ Solo time (Zoom sessions):  Monday, Wednesday, Friday===

                (all classes are invited to drop in for either session)

    You are invited to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
    Join Zoom Meeting:  Go to Google Classroom & click on the link there to join.

        Office hours  12:00 - 12:30 pm 

              –  A more casual time for general questions, issues, help in playing your instrument or music

        Solo time  12:30 - 1:00 pm

              –  An opportunity to play coin line solos & move up "levels",

                  plus other issues if time available

                  (This is a chance to help determine which level class you will be in next year!)


    (Optional.... Homework) "Homeplay" Project - Keep practicing!

       20 minutes - 1 hour a day/ 5 days a week!

    We don't have information about future performances.  Classes are closed at school until the end of the school year.  But I'd still like us to work on being able to increase our playing skills and play the "Spring Concert" music, should the schedule change.


    Off Beats Performances & Events

    No after-school practice until (hopefully!) Monday May 4th

    (tentative performance schedule below)


    Incoming 6th grade students to Las Colinas for next year

          (5th grade right now)

    Join the Band flyer

    You are invited to choose band as you "elective" class for next year.  This is part of your regular school day class schedule!   

            -- Send an email to me rcopsey@pleasantvalleysd.org    

                Please include any musical instrument playing experience (instrument & how long)


            -- Send an email to our school counselor Mr. Kline  jkline@pleasantvalleysd.org



    (My old web page .... and again, when we return to school!)

                      Welcome to Las Colinas Band!

    Welcome to band!  Our classes are part of the school electives as part of your regular school class schedule.  You don't even have to leave school and we get to meet every day!  The requirements for the different classes are under "Band Classes" (click on "Pages" at the top).  Please email me at rcopsey@pleasantvalleysd.org if you have any questions or stop by the Band Room D7 after school.

    You may drop off your instruments in the Band Room D7 before school from 8:15- 8:30 am (school starts at 8:30 am). Pick up your instruments right after school at 3:05 pm. Please email Mr. Copsey or stop by the Band Room D7 right after school if you have any questions.

            --  Band Instruments may be available to borrow from the school district, based on financial need. If you are interested, please fill out this request form  Instrument Request Form  or get a copy from me in class and bring it back to band class as soon as possible.  We will begin playing instruments as soon as almost everyone has an instrument - within the next few days.

         Please email me if you have any questions rcopsey@pleasantvalleysd.org

    Homework ("homeplay") - Keep practicing!  20 minutes - 1 hour a day/ 5 days a week!


    Las Colinas Bands – Upcoming Performances & Events  (Cancelled for now)

    -- All Las Colinas Bands - Spring Concert Saturday May 16th & Open House Thursday June 4th

    -- Advanced Band  - Camarillo Library Solo/Ensemble Concert - Tuesday March 10th - great job!

                                - Elementary School Recruitment Tour - Tuesday April 7th

                                - Disneyland Magic Music Days - Tuesday April 21st - cancelled - SOKM doing refunds

    -- Advanced Band & "Grad Band" - Graduation Performance - Tuesday June 16th

    Tentative Calendar

    LC/OB Tentative Calendar Rev 1/14/20


    Past Performances

       Music from our performances is posted on Google Classroom.  Please contact me if you don't have the Class code.

       The Las Colinas Advanced Band plays Music from Frozen (May 2015)
    Please go to "Links" or paste this address into your browser: http://youtu.be/ePrrv_xwYEw
    Advanced Band plays Frozen   http://youtu.be/ePrrv_xwYEw

       The Las Colinas Advanced Band plays Music from Moana (May 2017)
             Music from Moana - Spring Concert  https://drive.google.com/open?id=0ByozFtSo0e0ESVM5cC0ycFNPbzA&authuser=1

    Music from past performances posted on Google Classroom. Please email rcopsey@pleasantvalleysd.org if you don't have the Class code.

    Ventura County Middle School Honor Band

    Auditions for next year in November

                                                The Off Beats

    "The Off Beats" is our after-school jazz band (click on "Pages" at the top)
    Auditions for Off Beats are in September & January, after school at Las Colinas. Membership is by audition, not based on what grade you are in. A donation is requested to pay for the cost of the program https://sokm.net/classes/the-off-beats-6/ .  Audition requirements are in "The Off Beats" page (click on "Pages" at top).  Please email rcopsey@pleasantvalleysd.org or see me to schedule an appointment.

    We meet in the Las Colinas Band Room D7, Mondays & Thursdays 3:30 - 4:30 pm from September 30th through June 1st.  Students from all schools are welcome!  Join us!! 

    Music from performances posted on Google Classroom.  Please email me at rcopsey@pleasantvalleysd.org if you don't have the Class code.

    Off Beats Performances & Events (Cancelled for now)

    -- Spring Concert - Friday May 15th

    -- Bus Tour - Wednesday May 27th

    -- Camarillo Health Care Center - Monday June 1st (last meeting before Winter Break)  


    Save Our Kids' Music

    The after-school music program includes classes with guitar, strings (violin, cello, etc) and orchestra and other programs.  Information is on the SOKM website.  Current information on all PVSD band activities, flyers, & forms you can download are available on the Save Our Kids Music website

    Students may sign up for the after-school band program that starts at the end of September, including The Off Beats jazz band.

        Camarillo Community Band 


    Music from our Community Band concerts is posted on Google Classroom Class code 3gro7wq for PVSD gmail accounts. Click on "join a class".

    Cam Community Band concerts - PVSD account


                           ~ ~ ~

    or Class code cyfvyef for private gmail accounts.  Click on "join a class". 

    Camarillo Community Band concerts

    Camarillo Community Band - Aug 1, 2019 Part 1

    Camarillo Community Band - Aug 1, 2019 Part 2

     Please email me if you can't get access.  Also, visit the websites Camarillo Community Band website or send an email to Camarillo Community Band email .


    Adolfo Camarillo High School Band website at http://www.achsmusic.com/
    Rancho Campana http://www.ouhsd.k12.ca.us/divisions/administrative-services/resources/school-bond-oversight-committee/new-high-school-Camarillo
    Rio Mesa High School Band website at http://rmhsband.tripod.com/

    Please get in touch to offer comments or if you have questions... You're welcome to email me at rcopsey@pleasantvalleysd.org . Have a great day! Thanks, Reese Copsey

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