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Welcome & Classroom Information

  • Welcome to Physcial Education!!

    I'm looking forward to a wonderful school year. We will be handing out all PE information and lockers the first week of school. You do not need to bring anything to class with you the first day. We will give advanced notice before locks and clothes are needed. If you still need to purchase anything you may still do that. 

    We will be spending the first few weeks getting organized and getting to know eachother through cooperative games and other fun activities. We will then go into our first of three fitness units that will be doing throughtout the year. For this first testing time we are looking to set a baseline for each individual student and looking to build upon those results throughout the year. 

    It's always fun and a little scary to start each new year. I'm looking forward to sharing your final year with the 8th graders in PE here at LC.


    Ms. GarciaFitness