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Welcome & Classroom Information

  • Hi,
    Hope you had a good 3-day wekend!
    Student aides will bring you a blue slip(hall pass) telling you to come to the speech room which is near the Student Window.
    Ms. Pizzano

    P.S. If reading bugs you, you can keep one of my "amplifiers"-They're phone receiver-shaped tubes that make very soft reading sound much louder: It helps some folks get into what they're reading a little more easily.

    About Me

    I grew up in Connecticut with my 6 brothers and one sister so now I have lots of nieces and nephews. They're all on the east coast so my daughter and I visit them whenever we can! I got my undergraduate degree in Child Development from Connecticut College with concentrations in Hispanic Studies and Communication Disorders. I got my masters degree in Communicative Disorders, Certificate of Clinical Competence and California State License in Speech/Language Pathology from California State University-Northridge. I cheerlead leisure reading; It's one of the very best things you can do for yourself!!