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Welcome & Classroom Information

  • Updated 8/24/2020

    Important ELA News and Information:

    Dear Students and Parents,

    Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year! I look forward to welcoming you back into the classroom once it is safe to do so. Until then, I am committed to making the Distance Learning experience as much of a success as is possible for all of you. 

    While we are in Distance Learning, please access this website:

    Ms. Bennett's ELA Distance Learning Community Website 


    Feel free to read a little about me at the bottom of this page, however all things Distance Learning will be found on the website above. 

    ELA Supply List - Please remember to bring supplies with you to class. ELA welcomes any donations, too! 

    What is Common Core ALL ABOUT?

    Common Core Academic Vocabulary for 8th Grade ELA
    Common Core Academic Vocabulary for 7th Grade ELA
    Academic Vocabulary Notebook Format (Template)
    Academic Vocabulary Example for Establish(ed)

    Test Yourself!!! Prepare yourself for Junior High!
    Are you familiar with these Spelling & Vocabulary Words?
    What about these Greek & Latin Affixes (Prefixes, Suffixes, & Roots)?

    English Language Arts 6th Grade- Reading Logs and Academic Vocabulary Packets due EACH grading period!
    Quarter Benchmark Writing Exams: Information (Writing About Reading), Argument (The Art of Argument/Researched Based Essays).

    English Language Arts 7th Grade- Reading Logs and Academic Vocabulary Packets due EACH grading period!
    Quarter Benchmark Writing Exams: Argument (The Art of Argument/Researched Based Essays), Information (Writing About Reading).

    English Language Arts 8th Grade- Reading Logs and Academic Vocabulary Packets due EACH grading period!
    Quarter Benchmark Writing Exams: Argument (The Art of Argument/Researched Based Essays), Information (Writing About Reading).

    MS Grades and Quarter Report Card Closing Windows:

    Quarter 1 Progress Grade: 10/2/20; Quarter 1 Grade: 10/23/20       

    Quarter 2 Progress Grade: 12/2/20; Quarter 2 Grade: 1/22/20

    Quarter 3 Progress Grade: 3/9/20; Quarter 3 Grade: 4/2/20             

    Quarter 4 Progress Grade: 5/14/20; Quarter 4 Grade: 6/18/20

    To learn, .... You need to be charged up!!!
    Remember: Sleep Tight, Eat Right, Don't Fight (your learning process)!
    Also, please don't forget to charge your laptops after school or they won't operate well, either!

    Ms. Bennett at the Getty Villa

    About Me- Hello and Welcome 2020/2021!

    I'm Ms. Bennett, the 7th and 8th Grade English Language Arts teacher for Santa Rosa Technology Magnet School. We have another adventurous learning year ahead of us and I am very excited to have the opportunity to watch and help your child grow this year into a more accomplished adolescent! A little about me: I hold a Master's Degree in Curriculum & Instruction from California Lutheran University and a State of California Reading Specialization. My baccalaureate was in English, with an additional Multi-Cultural Literature/Social Histories emphasis from Cal State Channel Islands. I have instructed English/English Language Arts at the 9th, 10th, and 12th grade levels and I came to instruct at the junior high levels to be more effective in their preparation for high school. I am an adjunct Faculty member of California Lutheran University and I teach Summer Reading/Writing Camps.

    This will be my fifteenth year teaching 8th grade and fourteenth year teaching 7th grade. I have also worked extensively with low level readers for over ten years in educational environments. I believe that the most effective teaching practices come from continually learning the most recent educational designs of instruction; in other words, I must continually grow and learn for your child to have the best education in English, as well. I believe in community values within the classroom for the most effective balance of teaching and learning. I also incorporate strategies and formats for reading and writing into our classroom that your child will use for his/her educational lifetime.

    What we'll do: Please access the links for 6th, 7th and 8th Grade above. These links will take you to the California Common Core Standards that will be covered for those grade levels in English/Language Arts. All grade levels use our District Adoption of California Collections by Holt/McDougal/Littel. Our textbooks are also available online at My.HRW.Com - students will use the online version most often in class. Both Formative and Summative Assessments will be utilized to help me- help you attain the goals and standards for your grade level and ensure your comfortable matriculation to the next grade level as awesome readers, writers, and thinkers! 

    Happy Reading and Writing! Ms. Bennett :)