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Welcome & Classroom Information



    Hello!! Below is a link to a video explaining class safety measures and procedures




    Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year. I am looking forward to a wonderful, yet challenging year. Middle school can be an anxious time, but I will do my best to help students adjust to their new and exciting year. As a teacher, I strive to provide a safe and stimulating environment with many rich opportunities for learning. My goal is to help students learn how to take responsibility for their own education and to understand that they must take an active role in the learning process.

    This year, we will be using Big Ideas Math in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade, and California Integrated Mathematics 1 for my 8th Grade Accelerated class. These programs have a good balance between a problem centered curriculum that promotes an inquiry-based teaching-learning classroom environment and a more teacher directed learning environment. Each student will have their own textbook and the students will have access to the curriculum online. There are many great resources that the students and parents can utilize in this series.


    Students are expected to bring the following materials to class every day: Textbook, Spiral Notebook, Pencil, Colored Pen, and Chromebook.


    Homework will be assigned most days, including Fridays. Full credit will be given to work completed on time, in pencil, with all work shown. At times homework may need to be submitted online. In this case, the student still needs to show all work in their spiral notebook and submit their work by attaching a picture to the assignment in Google Classroom. Completed work means that the student has attempted every problem assigned and has shown their work. Homework is due the following Math period. Late work must be turned in by the Friday of the week it was assigned. 


    Students will be given 10 Classwork points per day: 4 points for participation, 3 points for taking thorough notes, and 3 points for Math work done in class.

    Test Re-Takes

    Any student who has scored less that 70% on a test has one opportunity to Re-Take their test for a maximum score of 70%. Test Re-Takes must be completed within the same Trimester. Students will be notified when the test is returned. Final exams and Benchmarks are excluded from this policy. The students can find Instructions for Test Re-Takes posted in Google Classroom.

    Excused Absences

    As per school policy, students are allowed one day of make-up time for each day of an excused absence. I expect both classwork and homework to be made up as both contribute towards a student's learning. It is the responsibility of the student to find out what was missed during an absence.

    Grading Policy

    Grades will be calculated using the following scale:

    Tests and Quizzes 50%
    Classwork 40%
    Homework 10%

    I am looking forward to this exciting new year!

    Please feel free to contact me at smarietti@pleasantvalleysd.org

    Thank You,
    Sonie Marietti