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Counseling Office

  • Counseling Appointments
    Currently, Las Colinas M.S. has 2 Counselors, Mr. Kline and Mrs. Michaelson.  They routinely meet with students to discuss academic, social/emotional issues and future planning.  They are also part of the crisis intervention team for the District.  When a Counselor does meet with a student, the conversations are confidential, unless the student is threatening to hurt themselves or another person.  In that case, a parent will be contacted as soon as possible.  In most cases that are not threatening in nature, the Counselor will at times seek the permission of the student to share parts of the conversation with his/her parents if a student is agreeable.  If not, the conversations remain in confidence.  
    The procedure for a student to see the Counselor is by appointment.  Go to the "Student Window" and fill out a (white) Counselor Request Slip. Give the slip to the Student Window Office Staff.  A Counselor will receive the request and contact the student as soon as possible. The student will be called out of class by way of a (generic) blue slip to see the Counselor.  The Counselors are also available at times for students at nutrition and lunch times.
    The Counselors are available for parents by appointment, too.  They set up their own appointments.  The best way to reach one of the Counselors is by e-mail.  Or, you may also call the office at (805) 383-5320 and leave a message on his voice mail.  They will get back to you to set up an appointment or answer your questions. 

    * If parents have a specific classroom issue or concern or questions regarding assignments or grading; please contact the teacher by e-mail or phone and meet with the teacher first.  The teacher is most familiar with your student and his/her abilities.  The teacher would like to discuss with you first and foremost how to help your student succeed in their classroom.   Thank you.   Click here for Mr. Kline's web page or Mrs. Michaelson's web page