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  • Please Check Google Classroom each day for updates.

    UPDATE: Student's email is now up and running.  Go to mail.google.com to sign up with your school address.  This is to be used to communicate with teahers only.  You will not be able to communicate with fellow students.

    Click this link to watch Mr. Jaimeson demonstrate how to use gmail. https://youtu.be/zfw_sNRDK7A

    Email: abustard@pleasantvalleysd.org


    Welcome to Distant Learning! I will be posting assignments each Monday morning on Google Classroom by 8:00am.   I plan to send it out each Monday morning and have it due towards the end of the week(check Google Classroom for due date and time)  so you will be working on this at your own pace throughout the week.  Assignments turned in late will may earn up to 1/2 credit. Look for teacher comments in the margins, and please make sure to "turn in" your assignments when you are done!

     I will be holding “office hours”  on Monday for 6th graders/ELD, Tuesday for ELD, Wednesdays for 7th graders, and Fridays for ALL graders from 10:00-10:30 using Zoom(teleconferencing) which will enable us (students only) to communicate face to face or type and chat on the screen if you have any questions regarding the lessons for that week. Zoom “office hours” are not required, only if you have questions regarding the lessons. I will not be answering one on one questions about your grades or individual assignments. Parents, if you wish to speak with me, we can email.  You can also email me any time outside of the “office hours” and I will get back to you within 24 hours.  

    Ms. Bustard


    Welcome to Ms. Bustard's Web-Site!
    Please check your student's agenda book each night for homework. It is the student's responsibility to write down their homework as I write it on the board each day.

    About Me

    I am a graduate of California State University Northridge with a Major in Liberal Studies and a Minor in Fine Art. This is my sixteenth year with PVSD. I have taught 4th grade at Dos Caminos, 5th grade at Tierra Linda, and now 6th and 7th grade here at Monte Vista. I look forward to an exciting school year with your child.

  • Monte Vista Middle School
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