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Welcome & Classroom Information

  • Homework

    is found by clicking on "Homework Assignments" on the left.  Click on the due date (top will be most current) to see assignment. I will have a link to any worksheets as well.  Please e-mail me if a link is not working and you can't download the document. (You need to identify yourself in your subject line since I do not open e-mails from unknown sources.)
    7th grade textbook is available on-line To sign up, use the  access code (ISBN number):  0618640940. Create your own user name and password and you can access the textbook anytime for the rest of the school year.

    Required Supplies

    • A spiral notebook with thick paper (not scored to be torn out). This is used the entire year so it is important that sheets are not torn out and lost. I have found this notebook to be a key factor for a student’s success in this class.
    • Two #2 sharpened pencils or a mechanical pencil. Only pencils are used inside the classroom except for bright-colored pen when grading.
    • A bright-colored pen that is NOT florescent or a highlighter (hard to read) or dark blue or black (not bright).
    • Two BLACK, fine tip dry erase markers
    • Small supply of 3-hole punched, lined paper for work that will be turned in.

    How to Succeed in this Class

    I STRONGLY encourage students to do the homework the night I assign it. Then, if they have questions, they have the entire next day to get help. I'm in the classroom during nutrition and lunch and after school (except after school on Tuesdays). Come TALK TO ME if you are having problems! I won't make the content go away, but I'll help you to understand it, and I'll help you know what you need to do to succeed.