• Monte Vista Middle School
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Welcome & Classroom Information

  • DISTANCE LEARNING: Distance Learning will be through Google Classroom. Students- please check Google Classroom every Monday, as well as throughout the week. For the first few weeks of Distance Learning, I will also be emailing parents with an outline of assignments for that week, so that they can help students stay on track. As we all get the hang of this, I hope it becomes easier. Parents- I have already provided you with a Google Phone Number so that you can call, text, and leave voicemails for me. I will respond as soon as possible, and if it's outside of typical school hours, I may wait to respond until the following school day. You are welcome to share that phone number with my students if they need to or want to get in touch with me while we are out of school. Of course, you are always welcome to email me if that is your preferred method of communication: kstuart@pleasantvalleysd.org 



    Best way to get in touch with me: Email kstuart@pleasantvalleysd.org or leave a note on your child's green sheet!

    What do I need to know?

    We send home point sheets daily with students that reflect an objective observation of their day. Please look at them! Sign and return them daily.


    We are very excited that each student will have his/her own device this year! We use our Chromebooks daily and they MUST be brought to school EVERY day, FULLY charged, WITH headphones.

    Who are you guys?

    Our team is vital to our success!

    Mrs. Stuart- Teacher

    Mrs. Popovich- Paraeducator

    Mrs. Owens- Paraeducator

    Tom Donati- Clinician

    What do you do? We...

    Teach all subjects except PE for grades 6-8

    Provide emotional and behavior support

    Work hand in hand with our clinician to provide a therapeutic environment for all of our kids

    Conduct weekly group therapy with our teacher and clinician

    Try our best to make sure all students feel supported and successful