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    Google Classroom is your go to place to find assignments, enrichment activities, meeting information, office hours, and more. To provide all second graders with the same access point, our classroom includes students from the classes of Mrs. Cassiano, Mr. Kallen, and Ms. Phelan. For this reason, you will see all 3 teachers making edits on this page.

    To get started in our Google Classroom, please click the link: 2nd Grade Distance Learning Page


    My Mission Statement

    Learning is a journey that cultivates knowledge, creativity, individuality, self-reliance, cooperation, and personal growth. Students have the right to a safe, nurturing, and inviting learning environment that focuses on individual needs and encourages involvement by all.


    The purpose of homework is to reinforce what was taught in class. Homework provides a valuable opportunity to deepen and bridge understanding from that which is taught in the classroom to that which is recalled at home.  In addition to regularly assigned homework, please read to your child, read with your child, let your child catch you reading, and also have your child read to you, others, and to herself/himself. 
    Skills Taught in the Second Grade Curriculum:




    History Social Science


    Physical Education








    Social Emotional

Ms. Laura Phelan



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Laura Phelan

Welcome to second grade! It is with great excitement that we open the 2019-2020 school year together as a second grade classroom family.

It has been my honor to spend twenty-one of my twenty-five years teaching in the Pleasant Valley School District. Through the years, I have had the pleasure of teaching over seven hundred sensational students, along with an outstanding set of teachers, an extraordinary set of principals, and a wide variety of amazing others who have kept our school running well throughout the years. Most of my experience has been in teaching elementary grades two through five. I have also taught single subject classes in sixth grade mathematics, middle school history/social sciences, cultural foundations, art electives, and a variety of clubs. Throughout my career, I have embedded instructional strategies that included educational games, technology, art, music, dance, drama, simulations, and re-enactments to personalize and make learning fun.

In addition to teaching, I enjoy being around people and nature with hobbies that involve art, writing, music, gardening, swimming, traveling and technology. My pets are a seventeen year old kitty cat named Melange and 3 goldfish named Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. My favorite places on Earth are the beach, forest, snowy mountains, and movies :-)

I have high expectations and know that all students are capable of loving school and having fun while learning. It brings me great joy and satisfaction to see all students develop their abilities, knowledge, and individual talents. Research shows that students enjoy and learn more in school when parents and teachers collaborate through open, honest, and caring communication.  Our classroom is a safe and nurturing place full of enjoyable learning experiences throughout the year.