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Welcome & Classroom Information

  • Kindergarten is an exciting year! We are off to a great year. We began the year with our student teacher, Mrs Wright and now she has moved on to PreK to finish her semester. We continue to learn letters and "kindergarten" (sight) words. In math, we are learning about plane and solid shapes [circle, triangle, square, rectangle, hexagon, sphere, cone, cube, cylinder]. We continue to practice good manners and we have frequent "life lessons" such as what to do if you bump someone, how to make a better choice, which voice level is appropriate, and how to be an effective communicator. We have a Title 1 teacher's aide, Ms. Naranjo who visits Monday through Thursday and we enjoy having her help in the classroom. We participate in MotorLab each week. Students love the activities and we are very thankful for our volunteers who make this possible. Students just learned how to access Dojo to show you their work. I will periodically update the classroom information but check your emails for weekly newsletters and check Dojo for quick information.