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  • Homework: March 11- March 15-  the field trip will be on 3/14. The Community Interest Fair will also be on 3/14. 5 to 7 pm at the Camarillo Community Center.

     We have 21 trophy winners!!! They memorized the multiplication facts to 12x12!!! They will now begin a review of all the multiplication and division facts. 


    Multiplication and division are important for Modules 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. 

    Language Arts: Read to Self for 20 minutes every night. Please write at least five sentences about the part that you read. This work needs to be neatly written in the small white HW notebook, daily.  

    We are using the Lucy Calkins Writing Program in class. We participate in Daily Five Reading. We also use the Benchmark Advanced Program.  Please search: 3rd Grade Spelling Words Houghton Mifflin Series if you would like your third grader to practice grade level spelling words. Spell It.com and Spelling City also have a list of words that can be studied at home. Please feel free to use these online spelling word lists. Parents can give their child spelling tests at home in third grade. We will have vocabulary words which the students will be accountable for definitions and spelling. Students will also be graded on spelling in written work on final drafts and daily work in all curriculum areas. Language Arts also includes the area of speaking. Speeches include: poetry, two speakers, story telling, or a "how to" speech.

    Math: Please study then drill the multiplication tables one or two tables at a time, in order. We are now on Module 3 in Eureka Math. Please review Eureka Math Module 3 this week. We are on lesson 10. We are working on Module 5 this month. We are learning about proper fractions, improper fractions, and mixed numbers. 

    You can access the entire EngageNY program at EngageNY (click link) and Eureka Math, if your child forgets their math workbook at school. You can get more information about this at the public library if you need to use their computer. You can get homework help for Eureka Math at Oakdale (click link) or Eureka Math.

    Science: The students are working on their science experiments papers at home and at school. Please keep the folder and the papers in the student's backpack. We are going to do more work on the famous people of STEAM. This work will be done in school.   We are also working in the STEAM Lab and Next Generation Science Standards throughout the month. You can access an online science student textbook by going to Mrs. Rush's links. You need to go through Internet Explorer in order to access the textbook. Scroll down until you see the OSE "button" Click on the "button" The user name is: asci The password is: redwood. Please also look at the science link under Mrs. Rush's links in order to access online activities for every chapter. Click on the link and then click on the picture of our textbook. It's the one with the penguins. You should be able to see the activities for each chapter. Students may turn in summaries, advanced math work, Cornell Notes, and SQRRR for extra effort.

    Please go to Links to access sites that support language arts, math, science, and social studies.