National Junior Honor Society

  • The National Junior Honor Society was founded in 1929 by the National Association of Secondary Principals (NASSP) with the hopes of creating an organization that would recognize and encourage academic achievement while also developing other characteristics essential to citizens in a democracy. These ideals of scholarship, character, service, citizenship, and leadership remain as relevant today as they were in 1929.

    The emergence of the National Junior Honor Society was a natural outgrowth of the National Honor Society (NHS), established by NASSP in 1921 to recognize outstanding high school students in the areas of scholarship, character, service, citizenship, and leadership. Through the years, NJHS has developed into a unique organization which recognizes outstanding middle level students, all the while borrowing many concepts from its sister organization, NHS.

    Los Primeros NJHS Membership Requirements

    • Must have a GPA (grade point average) of at least 3.7 (based on 4.0=A) for all of the 7th grade and trimesters 1 and 2 of 8th grade at Los Primeros - all classes will be taken into consideration.
    • Must be an 8th grade student currently enrolled at Los Primeros.
    • Must have been in attendance at Los Primeros for at least two trimesters prior to selection time.
    • Must have at least a 4.2 (based on 5.0=high) for the composite categories of Citizenship, Leadership, Service, and Character. These traits are defined according to the NJHS handbook. The faculty rates all students who have satisfied the academic requirements on the above categories.
    • Must have none of the categories of Citizenship, Leadership, Service, or Character fall below an average of 3.8
    • Must have no discipline referrals.
    • Must have completed a minimum of 10 community service hours. (5 hours to be completed on campus from a list of available options and 5 hours outside of school) 

    Potential inductees are first selected for the quality of scholarship (3.7 or higher GPA) and then evaluated in terms of the time they have been in attendance at Los Primeros. Subsequently, the faculty gives input on each student for the qualities of citizenship, leadership, service, and character. The principal is consulted about any discipline referrals. The final decision about inductees is made by a Faculty Council comprised of LPSSA faculty.

    Recognition Ceremony

    After being selected for induction into NJHS, parents are notified and students are inducted during the recognition ceremony at the end of trimester 3. Students will be given a blue and white cord to be worn during the promotion ceremony.