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  • Welcome to the Speech (and Language) Room!  Room B-7

    Speech: Noun; the act of speaking, something that's spoken, a form of communication in spoken language made by a speaker in front of an audience, a form of utterance characteristic of a particular people or region.

    Synonyms of speech:  parlance, parlay, conversation, communication, talk, discourse, comment

    Yes, in the speech room, we do articulation, fluency, semantics, syntax, morphology, pragmatics, vocal intensity and meta-linguistic exercises.

    Please refer to Ms Rosa's Google Classroom to access distance learning activities for your speech and language goals.  

    As always, you can email me at rreisner@pleasantvalleysd.org for any questions or concerns.  I am in campus on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays only.

    Students, please keep reading aloud for fun and fluency.  Stay safe, play safely.

    Say something ... kind.