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    AVID Stands for:






    Why AVID at PVSEA?

    PVSEA is proud to have the AVID program, which offers LIMITLESS OPPORTUNITIES for all students to reach success in rigorous courses regardless of grade level or personal background. Staff and Teachers will be hard at work to bring AVID across all grades at PVSEA with the purposeful intent of becoming AVID schoolwide.

    The Pleasant Valley School District & PVSEA’s vision of “Excellence for All” and creating “21st Century Lifelong Learners” aligns with the AVID program’s vision to “close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.”

    AVID schoolwide means to create & enhance a schoolwide college-going culture that supports high expectations and high levels of achievement for all students transforming INSTRUCTION, SYSTEMS, LEADERSHIP, & CULTURE at PVSEA.


    What kind of AVID impact will be happening in the 2019-2020 school year?

    The AVID Site Team (Comprised of AVID Trained PVSEA Staff & Teachers) has agreed to focus on Systematic Organization; the expectation that every student will LEARN how to be an ORGANIZED student across grades 3rd-8th.

    Staff and Teachers will be working together to apply best teaching practices to model proper organization through binder, folder, and agenda tools.

    Parents & Guardians be aware the school supply list can be subject to change depending on the needs of students for that academic year as the implementation of AVID continues at PVSEA.

    We are so excited to bring the best PVSEA can offer to every child, because their future should be full of LIMITLESS OPPORTUNITIES.