We encourage families to plan their travels during school breaks. However, Independent Study is an option for families who cannot avoid an absence during the school year which will affect their student’s attendance for 5 or more days.

    Please contact the office for any Independent Study requests.

    • The absence must be 5 or more consecutive school days in duration, but NOT MORE than 15 school days.

    • The Independent study must be requested by the parent 3 weeks prior to the first day of the scheduled absence.

    • In order to be approved for Independent Study, students must meet attendance and academic standards. All independent study requests are reviewed and approved by the School Admin. Assistant, Teacher and Principal.

      • If good attendance and academic standards are not being met, the Independent Study request can be declined.

    • If the request is longer than 15 school days, any remaining days will be considered unexcused and subject to the SARB process of unexcused absences.