How are students kept safe while using technology? What role do I play as a parent/guardian?

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PVSD makes security of technology and student privacy a priority.  Because it is important to us that our teachers and students are able to use technology as a great learning tool, we strive to do everything we can to keep everyone safe.


It is important to remember that keeping students safe and teaching them proper "technology etiquette" is not only the responsibility of PVSD, but parents play a critical role as well.  PVSD teachers and staff monitor and instruct students while using technology in the classroom.  While there are systems in place to help monitor students using 1:1 devices off-campus, parents are responsible for properly supervising their student's technology use outside of school.  Remember, no technical software or security device is 100% fool proof, and students are pretty smart and savvy with technology.  This is why it's importat for us to understand that it "takes a village" to properly raise up the next generation and teach them how to become good digital citizens.


PVSD has Board Policies, various technology systems and other processes and procedures in place to help ensure that we are compliant with Federal and State requirements like FERPA, CIPA, COPPA (Federal) and SOPIPA, and California Education Code (State).


Here are links to some of the things PVSD has in place to help protect students:


Technology Acceptable Use Policy and Chromebook Agreement

Internet Filtering by Lightspeed WebFilter and Lightspeed Relay

In-classroom "Screen Monitoring" for students by GoGuardian Teacher

Google G Suite for Education built-in security

Digital Citizenship Instruction by CommonSense Education