What safety and security measures are in place during distance learning?

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PVSD provided training for teachers with regard to distance learning and how to properly set the security and privacy features of the various technical tools they might use for virtual class sessions in the weeks before they started working with students virtually.


For example, Zoom and Google Meet are great options for teachers to use to keep in touch with students virtually and share lesson content collaboratively.  PVSD sent "best practice" guides with specific instructions for how to use these virtual tools safely and securely before we began using them for distance learning.  PVSD also has protocols in place for both student and staff behavior and online ettiquette when engaging in distance learning activities.


We update the our instructions and staff/student protocols as new information and features become available, so please check our Technology FAQ pages regularly for the latest available information.


Remember, distance learning means that our students are off-campus, so it is critical for parents/guardians to create their own “house rules” for students as well.  PVSD recommends that all families actively monitor their student’s technology use as much as possible to help ensure they stay on task and remain safe while conducting their distance learning activities.